Location: Wharram Chalk Works
Date: [06-08-2018]

I and Charlene went back to the chalk works last night for a brief investigation.

We walked the same route as the previous night; last time we were aware of a track to the left-hand side of the building. We went to investigate this.. am pretty sure it was the old railway line... We jumped the fence and headed after a brief pause to remove my jeans which had become impaled on the barbed wire down the now pathway.

Suddenly we were aware of another large partial building behind this one which had three large bays in.. looked to me as if they were storage bays. Could these have been the storage bays for the various materials been processed here?. I tried to get to the building over the heavy boggy ground, that didn't go well and lost my trainer in the mud.

Back on the track, we followed the pathway right to the bottom. At the bottom of the path were some cottages and again another abandoned building.

As we were coming back down the track various noises seemed to emanate from around us, as we were talking between ourselves. One actually sounded like a groan and another sounded like someone had cupped their hand over someone's mouth in a bid to shut them up?

We did some ITC at this point next to the stream. The afterlife box which will so brilliantly effective at Norton Hall seemed different... you could hardly hear what it was saying; on three occasions the box came out with the word "whisper".. wasn't really paying as much attention to this session as I should have been as I was messing around with my Camera and IR lamp which seemed to be having a meltdown..

Back to the main building. we turned all lights and all devices off apart from an EVP recorder... Charlene sensed the presence of energy in one of the corners. I moved my EVP recorder to that corner and left it recording. Will review that later this week when getting a chance.

Charlene said she has been touched on the shoulder and then her thigh. We got the thermal camera out and was doing various readings when something ran around the building starting from the point where Charlene's back was against the wall and under the window. I was stood in the adjacent room and I heard it run past the outside of the building past me. It could have been anything but seemed pretty large.. and we jumped up straight away and scanned the area with a thermal camera.. nothing was there... The reason why we gave it more thought then we would have normally is because of the amount of vegetation and the steep-sided banks around this building; we encountered no wildlife at any point in the night and for something to get down those banks and back up the other side of them without us seeing it would have and was impressive.


This audio is from the EVP recorder which was in the window above where Charlene was sat.. In this audio, you can clearly hear something run for 3 seconds... You can then hear me run as well.. the sounds are not too dissimilar from each other.

This audio is as is and has not been modified


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