Location: Wentworth Woodhouse
Date: 12-05-2018

With a few of my friends from Spookology, we decided to join a large public event at Wentworth Woodhouse. Wentworth Woodhouse, standing in a park of 250 acres & situated about four miles from Rotherham, with its East Front of over 600 feet & its courts & buildings covering three acres or more of ground, is ranked as perhaps the very largest of the country palaces; on the surface it sounds the perfect place for an investigation?

Having arrived early I straight away noticed some abandoned buildings on the far side of the venue… So, I headed straight in that direction and took some photos and had a look around; for the short amount of time I was walking around it, it looked well worth another excursion in forthcoming months.

Heading back to the huge old stables block I was greeted by a team member of the events company. After a couple of straight to the point questions, I quickly realized that this wasn’t going to be the investigation I had imagined. The Wentworth Woodhouse staff which I believe was the site custodian and two volunteers had to accompany and shadow the event staff and us for the entire duration of the event.

This event had roughly 30 guests, so we were split into three teams of ten; a member of Wentworth Woodhouse staff was allocated to each team, each team then was allocated an area within firstly the old stable blocks… After about 40 minutes of guests halting proceedings going for tea and pee breaks, and terms and conditions, blar blar blar it was around 10 pm and we were ready to start.

The site custodian also made us aware very early that when walking between areas everyone must have a torch and it must be switched on?? Obviously, there are objects in these buildings worth several million pounds – I can see why. however, but this was another annoyance on a rapidly growing list. Each team had a small area compared to the vast area space of this location. In fact, the stable block we were limited to two adjoining rooms at the top of the stairs. which again the team was split into 5 each. each team had an adjoining room. We had a few K2 readers in this room and along with a table tipping session, we did get a couple of emf readings.

Back downstairs we were all then back into the cars and heading towards the main mansion – We had a tour of limited rooms by the site custodian and then it was a similar deal to the stables block, again very very limited rooms in ratio to this massive property and we seemed to spend an eternity in each one of them just calling out and staring at unresponsive K2 meters. It seemed that the few rooms we were allowed in had nothing in it? Apart from a few statues and bookshelves??

I would say out of both huge buildings we had access to around 10 rooms; a guest that had laid next to me on the floor had fallen asleep. A very frustrating night; am guessing it was more the stipulations that was forced upon the event company by the Wentworth Woodhouse management as opposed the event company itself - I have no idea, but by 1:30 am I was ready to get in the car and go home. I don’t think I’ve ever been as disappointed given the possibilities and potential on a night as much as last nights.




If I do go again on public events I will be definitely enquiring as to what is accessible and what isn't, and if there are any free time and any restrictions, and this will be based on every future public event from now on.

Simon Wilson - Spiritus Sanctus [Paranormal Urbex]

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