Location: Todmorden Unitarian Church
Date: [19-10-2018]

Standing outside this huge Gothic church was enough to make me forget about the 2 1/2 hour nightmare drive I had to endure to get here.

Along with Spookology we investigated this grade 1 building..

Todmorden Unitarian Church
Todmorden Unitarian Church

Ghostly History

A double murder took place at Christ Church, Todmorden on 2 March 1868. The victims’ graves lie in the churchyard.

Miles Weatherhill, a 23-year-old weaver from the town, was forbidden from seeing his housemaid sweetheart, Sarah Bell, by the Reverend Anthony John Plow.

Armed with four pistols and an axe, Weatherhill took revenge first on the vicar and then on Jane Smith, another maid who had informed Plow of the secret meetings.

Miss Smith died at the scene, while the vicar survived another week before succumbing to his injuries. Weatherhill also seriously injured the vicar’s wife.

Local legend has it that the face of a young woman is sometimes seen in the window of the vicarage, now in private ownership.

Todmorden Unitarian Church
Todmorden Unitarian Church

On the night we had full investigation rights to the cellar, bell tower,  graveyard and the church itself.

The church itself wasn't as dark as I would have liked it to have been due to the lights been on at the front as you walked in. The pleasant chap who opened the venue for us sat there most of the night, am presuming those lights were not allowed to be switched off?

A brief tour by the host we decided as a group to investigate the cellars. The cellars are not a vast sized space and the spiral stone stairwell down to them is tight.

For me personally, I would have stayed all night in that cellar and forgot the rest of the building. There is something in there I have no doubt.

As a group we started calling out etc, whispers could be heard occasionally as well as strange noises. I would point out there is a large pub down the road near Morrison's which seemed to be rife with you lads and plenty of cars related audio. Could this have been some of the noises? Who knows?

3 female investigators screamed as they all said they saw a shadow person stood in the cellar doorway which leads down as stated by the tight stone spiral stairwell. They all seemed convincing to me of what they and as each of them was talking what they saw seemed to correlate with each other.

One of our younger sensitive investigators (Holly) was stood in the doorway facing the back of the cellar asking for whatever was present in there to go hold her hand. Amazingly am sure I have a light anomaly at the same time go towards her hand.

I later came down on my own for 40 minutes and performed a solo vigil. Although nothing happened then it was a surreal dark place and I wasn't too comfortable stood down there in the pitch black.

Todmorden Unitarian Church
Todmorden Unitarian Church

The rest of the group had been performing some table tipping and as I walked back up from the cellar to them; it did look pretty bloody impressive... I myself wanted a go on the table, but nothing happened while I was performing a table tipping with other investigators.

A little Ouija board session was performed and for once while I was on table it did seem to be responding a little.. It seemed to be a child spirit of 6 who couldn't read or write; therefore we only asked yes or no questions.. fairly interesting for once.

I went off to the graveyard; not particular impressive in my opinion and there was a lot of noise pollution from surrounding areas. However I did come across a grave which was covered in large pine cones and sea shells??

Todmorden Unitarian Church
Todmorden Unitarian Church
Todmorden Unitarian Church
Todmorden Unitarian Church

Before leaving I quickly noticed a book of the deaths at the back of the church. The first few pages had a large amount of recorded deaths at a relative young age from scarlet fever.

Fantastic night - I have been physically drained since returning.

Charlene is trying to book us a night with our #parapals to go back and give it a thorough investigation.


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