Whilst we were in Weem in Scotland it would have been rude not to pay a visit to St. David’s Well. So we set off early Sunday morning past the Aberfeldy Weem Hotel, around the side of the Church Of Scotland and up a steep incline.

We met a farmer coming down so we asked him the directions to the Well; after a brief conversation, he said it was around 50 yards up and around the top of the steep embankment.

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The Lord Line building probably is, where most urban explorers come to cut their teeth, no security and a vast amount of space to explore gives anyone interested in exploring a huge free uninterrupted explore; several buildings on this dockyard lay abandoned. On the day there were a few people walking around the buildings, there was a homeless guy in there I believe to be called Jimmy? and a music band was recording a video; which looked impressive and was quite interesting to watch.

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