Park Hill is a council housing estate in Sheffield. It was built between 1957 and 1961, and in 1998 was given Grade II* listed building status. Following a period of decline, the estate is being renovated by developers Urban Splash. The renovation was one of the six short-listed projects for the 2013 RIBA Stirling Prize. The Estate falls within the Manor Castle ward of the City. Park Hill is also the name of the area in which the flats are sited. The name relates to the deer park attached to Sheffield Manor, the remnant of which is now known as Norfolk Park.

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Eden Camp, as it is known locally, was one of 1,500 camps built under a government expansion plan to accommodate Italian and German prisoners captured on the war-torn battlefields of Africa and Europe. These prisoners were then transported back to Britain for internment. From as early as October 1939, to July 1948, Britain hosted some 402,200 prisoners.

In the early part of 1942, a small contingent of around twelve British Army personnel, led only buy a Corporal, arrived at Old Malton, on the York to Scarborough Road, from Castle Douglas, Scotland.

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Chapeltown Central Railway Station opened in 1854, with the current building dating from 1877, and now lies secluded by woodland off Station Road – about half a mile north of where Chapeltown railway station stands today. The building has been converted into a private three-bedroom home but photos show it still has several original features, including the booking office window and a waiting bench.

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Last night I was at the fire and police museum in Sheffield; obviously a fantastic historic building with many fantastic services artifacts from Sheffield, Barnsley and Plymouth.
On the night, there was only two particular areas which I really wanted to investigate:
The cells and the old fire crew bedrooms.

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A very busy drive through the centre of Sheffield Friday night actually gave me more time to think how I would actually tackle this huge beautiful building… Based on my previous visits there are three main parts I find active

a) The cellar
b) The Ballroom
c) A room on the second floor next to the bar area (I will have to ask next time which this room is called and its purpose

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