Wharram Percy, a deserted medieval village in Yorkshire, has been occupied by humans since the Iron Age. Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Normans have all lived there. The village is mentioned in the Domesday Book. The Village thrived until 1517 when Baron Hilton, the then landowner evicted the families and knocked down their homes to make room for extra sheep pasturage, when the wool industry was highly traded.

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For years, Magpie Mine was troubled by disputes with the neighbouring mines over who had the right to work each vein. Miners from Magpie Mine and Maypitt Mine were both working the Great Redsoil Vein, and would light fires underground to smoke each other out. The arguments raged for years, both underground and in the courts. In 1833, three Maypitt miners were suffocated by fumes from fires lit by Magpie miners, and 24 Magpie miners were put on trial for their murder.

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Druids Temple is set amongst the rolling Hills of Ripon, outside of the village of Ilton, Masham.

This scaled version and tribute to one of the world’s Greatest Wonders, was constructed in the 1820’s, relatively a modern piece of spectacular history within North Yorkshire.

This folly, inspired by Stonehenge, was commissioned by the late William Danby, who was the one-time Sheriff of Yorkshire.

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