RAF Upwood originated in September 1917 when the War Department requisitioned Hill Farm, then owned by Lord de Ramsey, for use as an Emergency Landing Ground. The airfield was later used as a Home Defence 1st Class Night Landing Ground for BE2 aircraft of 7 Squadron, Royal Flying Corps. By the summer of 1918 permanent huts and five large hangars had been constructed…

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We visited Bankside Gallery which is a project to stop antisocial behaviour on this abandoned housing estate; the fairly large housing estate is currently in the process of been knocked down.

An outdoor gallery of street art that’s not only approved by the local authority but also celebrated by residents throughout the city, Bankside Gallery began in February 2018, just after Banksy had painted his awesome piece on Scott Street Bridge. With people from near and far visiting the industrial area to view this cultural asset, a collective of local street artists decided that a lot more could be done.

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RAF Coningsby due to the aircraft stationed there, there was an external bomb dump, in order to Reduce the quantities of explosives stored and the number of personnel exposed to risk, along with separating explosive processing from storage were the major lessons adopted in what I believe was the reason for a bomb dump further away than normal.

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Nocton Hall is one of the most remarkable buildings I have ever had the pleasure to look around and investigate. It is rich in history, and the surroundings lends its hands to some superb scenery and a peacefulness most of us can only dream of.

Nocton Hall is a Grade 2 listed building, in the Village of Nocton, Lincolnshire.

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