Location: St Cuthbert’s Lodge: 630
Date: 29-06-2018

It’s not that often you get the chance to join a more scientific based investigation, so this was a spontaneous investigation with Paranormal Scientific Investigators – PSI and Paranormal Hauntings based at a Freemasons lodge.

I arrived early met the guys from PSI and promptly went for a wander around the inside of the building. 4 main areas available on the night for investigation

+ the main entrance hall [downstairs]
+ attic room/store room [upstairs]
+ a single office space [upstairs]
+ lodge room [upstairs]

Soon as I walked into the entrance hall to me something in spirit was stood by the serving hatch door/window at the back far left of the room; there was no doubt about it in my mind… The rest of the building felt peaceful and an inviting atmosphere. It was muggy upstairs as no windows were open and no air was moving.


The investigation started in a séance circle sat down with a candle in the middle of the floor with the members of the public all holding hands. It wasn’t long before Mark [PSI] appeared to look agitated, and in his own words wanted to get up and shout. I swapped seats with Mark to a) see if it would affect me where he was sat and b) just to give him a break for a minute… I didn’t feel any different but the lady who was now sat with Mark commented on how cold his arm and hands were compared to mine. his face and upper chest looked in the light to be sweating but his arm was freezing cold? Strange… Tony leading the séance asked us all to concentrate on getting a name… I didn’t say anything at the time, but the name Taylor came straight into my head, I think someone else had the name, Thomas, and John. Interesting again a member of the public said she had seen a shadow at the exact same location I felt there was a spirit standing when I walked into this room on my own at the beginning of the night

The Lodge

Apart from a couple of odd huge bangs which I couldn’t pinpoint exactly as to where they came from I didn’t experience or pick up anything else on camera.

Entrance Hall

The entrance hall has numerous bangs and movement at the place I thought something was stood on entering this room early on, there was an SLS Kinect camera running and that did show the odd figure picked up on the laptop. I can remember myself and two other people looking at the SLS when a huge ball of light went across the room – we all saw it and was amazed at the time. It was the size of half a chair leg and moved a fair distance – I know I wasn’t looking through my camera at this point recording as I was watching the SLS Laptop screen – I hope but doubtful that by some stroke of luck my camera was recording some part of the laptop monitor when this happened.

The Attic

Went in the attic a few times, one occasion with a few of members of the public who was taking it seriously but obviously someone on the outside of the room wasn’t as I heard something scratching at the door – quickly ran out to check if anyone was there and was greeted in the adjoining room with a woman with a smirk on her face.. am presuming it was her very fucking annoying.

Ganzfeld Experiment

This experiment is said to test ESP and can cause hallucinations and an altered state of consciousness. The experiment in this instance was to sit in an alleged haunted room with an eye mask on which had two half ping pong balls on the outside, headphones were placed on our heads and white noise was played through them for the duration of the experiment as well as red beams of light blasted the eye mask. On night four of us was involved in the experiment; I believe the other three had a trance-like state of consciousness that they said was both relaxing and enjoyable.

My experience was somewhat different… for me, it seemed as if I was under the ocean looking up at the surface unable to get to the surface. I could feel the waves going overhead and feel the bubbles on my face. obviously at various points breathing was erratic and I believe some who were watching the camera from downstairs commented: “You looked like you was in a straight jacket”. It felt like I was restricted in movement and I couldn’t get to the surface; I had to keep reminding myself this will end soon and it’s not real. Ten minutes felt like ten minutes which compared to the other three in the experiment said their time felt like no time at all. Throughout various points of this experiment, I was aware of movement at the side of me on the floorboards. logically am guessing that was slight movements by the people standing outside on the landing which somehow was magnified by my senses or because it was attached to the same floorboard as my chair was on? I don’t know.




On the night it was fantastic to see so many regular faces from our previous investigations; when we all get together the night is always full of laughter, and energy; this time we also got plenty of activity early on the night. Fantastic Night.

Simon Wilson - Spiritus Sanctus [Paranormal Urbex]

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