Location: Doncaster Air Museum
Date: [01-06-2018]

This was the second time I have investigated Doncaster Air Museum; I have created a map based on google maps, and highlighted the two areas I investigated on the night… The hanger and Building 19.

As a group we began investigating building 19; I didn’t expect that much actually because it was too light for the building and its contents to be in a reasonably darkened state; we began in the rooms off the main corridor. Nearly from the offset, we began hearing footsteps coming from the main corridor this continued for the duration we were in there… I had two EVP recorders in the corridor, one at each end – I will be reviewing them through the week… Although I did notice one of them had died about halfway through the night.

As a group we then went into the hanger; at the far end of the hanger is a flight of stairs, there are 3 seats and an elevated viewing area over the rest of the museum. Again, after a short, while various investigators were feeling uncomfortable especially Jen and Clare… Jen said someone breathed into her ear and Clare who was sat next to her heard it… it freaked both of them out… Another investigator was leaning on a display cabinet in that area… and she felt the cabinet rock and push her forward… this again left her feeling unnerved… Obviously, there are a lot of hanging displays in the hanger and at times there were noises coming from inside the hanger… were these created by the hanging displays or was it something else? No one really can be sure… Also, whistles and audio phenomena were heard quite frequently throughout the stint in this hanger.

Building 19

Building 19 for me always lures me; so, while the rest stayed in the hanger I went off to investigate this on my own… There is a room towards the far end, it depicts a scene from the Blitz… this is the place for me… It was pitch black now… I do feel there is a spirit who in life was a very stern and authoritative figure who wanders this building… It didn’t take long for me to feel it was again stood right next to me… I could feel it was stood at the side of me the same as the one at the Old Nick was… I did say I know you stood to my right and you are listening to what I am saying when I turn around I would like you if possible to show yourself… am sure I got something on camera when I turned around… It was definitely there I have no doubt in my mind… To be honest I didn’t stay that long in there on my own because I felt it wasn’t that happy with me been there; it done as I had asked so out of respect left it, to it.




On the night it was fantastic to see so many regular faces from our previous investigations; when we all get together the night is always full of laughter, and energy; this time we also got plenty of activity early on the night. Fantastic Night.

Simon Wilson - Spiritus Sanctus [Paranormal Urbex]

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