Whilst we were in Weem in Scotland it would have been rude not to pay a visit to St. David’s Well. So we set off early Sunday morning past the Aberfeldy Weem Hotel, around the side of the Church Of Scotland and up a steep incline.

We met a farmer coming down so we asked him the directions to the Well; after a brief conversation, he said it was around 50 yards up and around the top of the steep embankment.

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The Lord Line building probably is, where most urban explorers come to cut their teeth, no security and a vast amount of space to explore gives anyone interested in exploring a huge free uninterrupted explore; several buildings on this dockyard lay abandoned. On the day there were a few people walking around the buildings, there was a homeless guy in there I believe to be called Jimmy? and a music band was recording a video; which looked impressive and was quite interesting to watch.

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As a wartime bomber base in No. 4 Group, Elvington was originally a designated as a grass airfield. However, it was completely rebuilt with the addition of three hardened runways and re-opened in October 1942, with the arrival of 77 Squadron RAF, as a sub-station to RAF Pocklington. Grouped together with RAF Melbourne, the three airfields became known as ’42 Base’.

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Eden Camp, as it is known locally, was one of 1,500 camps built under a government expansion plan to accommodate Italian and German prisoners captured on the war-torn battlefields of Africa and Europe. These prisoners were then transported back to Britain for internment. From as early as October 1939, to July 1948, Britain hosted some 402,200 prisoners.

In the early part of 1942, a small contingent of around twelve British Army personnel, led only buy a Corporal, arrived at Old Malton, on the York to Scarborough Road, from Castle Douglas, Scotland.

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