Location: Annison Funeral Parlour
Date: [01-12-2018]

The Annison funeral parlour building dates back to 1876 when it was built to house there cart manufacturing business with stables for the horses. The Annison family then moved into the funeral business for which they are now known. Walking through the old building remnants of the funeral parlour still remain.

Annison Funeral Parlour


In 1891 a young woman named Mary Jane Langley is reported to have visited the building to meet a photographer whose business was based in the building. Shortly after she was found dead in a ditch with her throat slit. No one was ever convicted of the murder of Mary Jane. It is said she still haunts the Annison building.

Annison Funeral Parlour


Along with the regular investigators from Spookology, we had this entire location to ourselves. The building was still set up from its exhibition from Halloween, various parts of the building did look amazing with its minimal scattering of soft lighting.

Throughout the night we all stayed as a group so noise pollution wouldn't exist outside of our party. We decided to investigate the far upper floor which has three large rooms with fairly large openings. Nothing happened for around 40 minutes, so we formed a circle linked arms and began creating some energy by introducing ourselves and paranormal interests and experience. As we collectively induced as much energy as we could a few sounds could be heard. A couple of people saw shadows fleeting down the walls passing the natural light from the upper windows. We did hear various noises, obviously, due to the location, we cannot rule out contamination from the outside the building for these.

A fellow investigator saw an apparition of what she said was a tall man with a hat and a gaunt-looking face. A few people began to get jumpy. I didn't personally see anything. Emma caught I believe a light anomaly on her camera which she said looked like a feather. Exactly the same one I seem to get when I record footage from our get together. I am sure this spirit energy follows one of us around as it's the same anomaly caught on numerous investigations now. The first room out of the three rooms mentioned has a bar and a seating area. Again in complete darkness, we sat down on the chairs. Colette got touched by something twice and was quite freaked out by this incident.

We went down the stairs to a little box room near the courtyard there was just enough room for us all to stand in this box room. The stairs were going up I believe in the rooms mentioned above. We performed some general calling out. We all experienced abnormal knocks on the stairs. At one point were responding intelligently to our questions. Very interesting in my opinion and I have no explanation for the cause. The rest of the building we didn't experience anything.

Annison Funeral Parlour

Haunted Museum

Inside the location is a dedicated little museum; it was locked when I tried to get in. However, I went and asked the owner at the Chemist if we could gain access. He came back a short time later and let us in. I did alone walk around in this section on my own; it has a magnificent collection of Dolls, Teddy's and various other objects. As far as I believe this little museum has a large collection of haunted objects. I personally find that hard to believe that a vast majority of the objects in this section have any kind of attachment; in fact, I will go as far to say perhaps a minimal few potentially may have.

While I was recording the footage in this section and I will review this later am sure I heard a door open, there was no door apart from the main door to the room and I could see from this viewpoint that the door didn't move - very strange cannot say anything more on that until I review the footage.

Holly a young sensitive with us began a pendulum session with us in the room surrounded by the alleged "haunted dolls". Was a fantastically interesting session and the answers to the questions appeared to point to a girl under the age of 8 had died in a fire with her family and was attached to one of the teddy bears on the shelf. The responses seemed to suggest she was free to come and go as she pleased and was not tied to the location?

While we were sat in this room - there were some strange physical vibrations coming from a wardrobe or some other object we couldn't pinpoint exactly and also on a couple of occasions a scratching noise. Again I couldn't find a logical explanation for either of these after trying various attempts to debunk it




Is the Annison building haunted? based on this experience I believe something does reside at this location; is it a malicious - I have no idea.. however I believe, as it stands now it's definitely worth investigating for anyone seriously looking for evidence of the paranormal.

Many thanks to the owners, and everyone who came.

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