Spiritus Sanctus - Paranormal Urbexing

Our Approach

We are paranormal investigators and urban explorers; we will when possible give the name of the places we have visited and the history behind them.. Occasionally however we will not give out a location or any further information on it (this could be because we were a guest on another teams explore or the actual location needs preserving to such a degree it shouldn't be posted publicly)

Part of the appeal of urban exploring is getting out there, finding new places, researching, finding the locations on whichever method you choose to locate them, looking for a way in; its not about been handed a google coordinate or a postcode and just heading out. If that is what you are after then sadly you are on the wrong page. We will not respond to PM’s asking for postcodes.

The moment you visit the location you have researched, you have found the way in; in that moment you feel as if you are the first ever person to wander upon it.. That is the buzz and satisfaction for us.



We are a couple of investigators who have the correct motives, passion and drive for the paranormal and urban exploring, we are not out to film ourselves on camera, or push out one hour of video every week to youtube; it’s purely about what we are attempting to capture and, also through urban exploring - emerge you in these beautiful abandoned or decaying buildings we have the privilege of exploring.

We have, between us - over twenty five years of experience of living with the paranormal and working in the paranormal field..

Simon Wilson

simon wilson

Investigator & Urban Explorer

Clare Burrows

clare burrows

Investigator & Urban Explorer